If you don't know Bruna, you should. Born and raised in a small seaside village in Brazil, Bruna discovered her love of surfing. She was the youngest to win a Brazilian pro event, which skyrocketed her passion into a lifetime of travel + adventure. After a whirlwind 2016 (buying a home, getting married!, and a killer honeymoon), Bruna Schmitz Zaun was kind enough to answer a few questions. xx
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What does a typical day in the life of Bruna look like?
I usually wake up when Dane brings me a cup of coffee every morning, its like our agreement he makes me coffee and I make the bed, hehe. And he also gives me the morning surf forecast, we try and surf first thing in the morning since the tide and wind is usually better. But if the waves aren’t good, I make breakfast, and start with my day which mostly consists of working out and now that we have a new home, running errands around the house, its like a endless project.

You started surfing at 9 years old - what drew you to the sport?
I grew up in a small beach town south of Brasil, there wasn't much to do to start with, and I was a little beach rat, I would go to the beach everyday. My brother got me and my sister into surfing. He started with his friends and signed us up for classes and I just felt in love with the sport.

If you could only surf at one location, where would it be?
Somewhere where its warm all year long, I love the tropics, I would say somewhere in Indonesia.

When you’re not surfing, what is your go-to outfit?
I love maxi dresses, thats definitely my go to. Not lately tho cuz its been cold!! My lately’s go to have been jeans, uggs and sweater =)


What is on your shopping list right now?
I’ve been into mesh and glitters, might be the new year’s festivities getting into my head, haha

What are three things you absolutely can’t live without?
Coffee, my Phone and my Husband =)

One thing that people don’t know about you is:
I feel like with social media its hard to think of something people wouldn’t know about me since my life is so out there, but one think I would say is Im very stubborn and if I want things my way, I will make it happen. Not sure if its a good thing. hahaha

What is your guilty pleasure?
I love deserts, lately more so, I don’t know why, and I’ve been ordering them my often then not after eating a huge meal. I love anything chocolate, creamy ice creams.


You + Dane are newlyweds (huge congrats!) - What was your favorite wedding day moment?
Thank you ! Its definitely a huge step and Im so proud of us that we did it. My favorite moment was having my family there, they all flew from Brasil to be there and it was huge for me, and also right after the ceremony when I finally stopped crying haha, Im so not a cryer and for some reason I couldn't keep it together it was super emotional.

Favorite part of your honeymoon?
The food, me and Dane came to a conclusion that we are big foodies, we take that very seriously and did our homework and ate some really good food haha and I also tried whisky and didn’t hate it, Dane is super into it and every once in a while we will have some together its our naughty drink. 

What is the next big thing on your bucket List?
I feel like this year was so crazy and busy, with wedding and buying a house so Im taking some time to not plan anything, I just want to enjoy this new chapter before I jump into new projects.


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