While the temperatures drop and the rain pours in Michigan, we decided to catch up with photographer and beach babe Amber Mozo. Having grown up in Hawaii with a surf photographer as a father, capturing moments at sea was in her blood. We were lucky enough to catch her in between days exploring Tahiti.

What does a typical day in the life of Amber Mozo look like?

Everyday is different. I don't usually do routines. No matter where I am my day depends on what the oceans doing. If the tides good for a surf we will go out first thing in the morning, if the tides better for the evening then I usually get on my computer and get some editing done. Cook up a good lunch and just get in the zone of getting creative. If my husbands off of school or work then we take it easy and just enjoy the days when were both home, and go for a swim with our puppy. When he's on his grind in school thats when I'm on my grind for my business.

Your photography is stunning - do you have a favorite subject or location to shoot?

My favorite location to shoot is the ocean. anytime any place. My second favorite thing to shoot are candid natural portraits of people. 

What is your fondest memory of growing up in Hawaii?

My fondest moments are driving down Kamehameha highway early in the morning while everyone was at school or work. I left school when I was 15 and bought my first little beach truck and pretty much lived in it. I had a friend, Jay who also left school the same time as me so we would spend a lot of time at the beach, talking about art, shooting photos, surfing or hanging at the skatepark. Growing up all of my friends were extremely talented and creative so bouncing ideas off of each other got us really excited about life. I can't say I don't miss being 15. 

You are currently in French Polynesia studying whale behavior - what is the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?

French Polynesia is the most beautiful place I've ever been in my entire life. The culture is beautiful, the people are beautiful, what lies beneath the surface is beautiful here. The sea life here is so alive! Spending 5 weeks in Moorea, Tahiti has been nothing but incredible. My aunt Nani has deep passion for Marine wildlife and her energy for it is contagious. She has taught me the many beautiful reasons why Humpback whales come to French Polynesia for 4-5 months every year. They come to court, mate, deliver and nurse. This time for the mother humpback is very important and it is important for us to make sure we allow them their space to do so. We are visitors when we enter the ocean. We must be fully aware of the animals that live there. The most interesting thing I've learned while in French Polynesia about Humpback whales is that no matter how small we are, the whales are fully aware of our presence. When we get in the water with them, they know we are there at the surface even if they are deep deep down. Its beautiful when they do come up and welcome us by swimming close or playing with us. 

One thing most people don’t know about you is:

One thing most people don't know about me is... I am a pretty shy person. Recently I've been trying my hardest to be more ''loud'' and ''open'' so that people don't get the wrong idea of me being a complete snob ;) haha

Describe your style in three words:

Bright. Bold. Simple.

What’s next on your bucket list?

Next on my bucket list is... BRAZIL!!!!!!! 

What is one thing you would never travel without?

My camera... could you guess? ;)

What is the best advice you’ve been given and by whom?

No one really ever sat me down and was like ''Hey I'm going to give you some advice kid.'' I really had to collect little pieces of advice through my mistakes and failures. It was little fortune cookies, or quotes in books or texts from friends and all of that put together just taught me that No one is going to make you who you are. You have to create yourself. And if you find yourself with people who are changing you from who you really are then you need to take a step back from those people and put effort into shaping yourself. Everyday you are shaping yourself for not only yourself but for your future husband, your future children, your mother, your father, your family. 

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