Meet Rebekah Steen... She's the beach babe + blogger behind Goldfish Kiss, a website dedicated to beauty, fitness, and style. All with an aloha, tropical twist. We love that Rebekah is the epitome of our motto, "stay salty." Not only does her genuine and loving personality shine through each photo of her Instagram, but she has us longing for sandy toes and salty hair.


You’ve lived in Hawaii, Washington, and California. Do you have a favorite? 
There’s something special about each place, but Hawaii was just magical for me. Sometimes I get choked up just thinking about how amazing my time there was, for so many reasons, not just the gorgeousness 24/7 and amazing waves. It was the people, the food, the lifestyle. It just was a surreal time of my life. 

What is the coolest thing you’ve been able to do since starting Goldfish Kiss?
Travel wise it was go on an all girls surf trip in the Maldives, if it weren’t for me connecting with Danny from Salt Gypsy, I’d never know about the amazing surf charter she worked with. Then my collab with Rip Curl was definitely a pinch me moment art + business wise. And of course whenever I get an email from a total stranger letting me know I somehow impacted their life in a positive manner. Those get me choked up too. In a good way. 

You are also a talented artist - What got you started? 
Thank you! I’ve been painting on and off my whole life. I really focused on it in high school and got my BFA in fine art in college, went to a cool school in the south of France for a bit which really helped me grow and see things differently color and expression wise. Then, honestly, it faded when I worked in advertising, and it wasn’t until I started the blog that I bought little water color book and have just been getting back in to it!


What is your idea of the perfect day off?
Dawn patrol. Huge breakfast with great coffee. Beach. Surf some more. Cold beer. Watch the sunset.

Describe your personal style:
I feel like I never have a good answer to this! Great basics with an edge and a touch of tropical. With messy hair. Always messy hair.


What are three things you couldn't live without?
My faith. My fam. And the water... being able to get in it regularly, in any shape or form.

Little Levi is the cutest! What is your favorite part about being a mom?
Thank you! I think he's pretty stinking cute too. I LOVE being able to be a kid again. We just started building forts together and making sandcastles at the beach. It's such a blast. I’ve always been a kid at heart, so having one makes my heart that much happier.

One thing you will never stop doing is: 
Being creative/an artist in some form.

Coffee or tea?
COFFEE!!! ...although I know tea is better for me. I love my strong cups o'joe.


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