We had a moment to ask the beautiful Charlotte Durgeat a few questions about life in Tahiti, her average day, and just a few of her favorite things.

Where are you from?

I arrived in Tahiti at the age of 1, I was born in France and raised in paradise.


What do you do?

I'm a student, but I do a lot of babysitting, and some modeling too. When I'm not babysitting, I work for different persons like lawyer offices doing different little tasks, I worked as a salesperson, bartender, photographer for various events, etc...


What does your average day look like?

On an average day, I wake up, go to school, have lunch, surf session before picking up my babysitting at school. Sunset beer with my love to end the day.

Favorite travel destination?

I do not have a favorite destination, I like any place I travel to for the first time. It's hard to have a " favorite " one, when you live in an island like Tahiti.


Dream vacation?

I've always dreamt of going to Russia. To me, it's synonym of opposite of my lifestyle. I'm very curious to see what people look like, the landscapes, the culture ...


On the beach or in the water?

In the water for sure! There is not a day without talking about surfing, how the waves are, and boat trips... My dog used to hate water, and recently, we take her every time we go on the boat, she's now addicted. It's so funny to see her eyes shining when we take our boards out. She knows where we are going, and she gets so excited to come. She's in front of our car right when we open our condo door.


I also like water for the great animals we have. They are all free, living their life all together without worrying about us. Dolphins, turtles, whales, stingrays, sharks, fishes ... I wish I were a mermaid.


Favorite thing about summer:

Haha, that's a hard question when it's summer 24/7 here in Tahiti.

Mornings or nights?

Mornings for sure! I like to go to bed knowing we have a new adventure waiting for us in the morning. I like to wake up for something, I like this feeling that everyday is a new day, everyday is a new adventure.


Who or what inspires your style aesthetic?

I would like to say Hanalei Reponty. She's from Tahiti, and now has an international career as a model. She surfs a lot, and well, has a healthy lifestyle, travels worldwide, succeeded her studies, became a business owner and has a great love story. Pretty motivating I'd say!


Describe yourself in three words:

Hard worker, Travel seeker, Big dreamer.


What is on your shopping list right now?

Shorts, Bikinis, sunblock and boards.


I am secretly addicted to:

Chocolate and coconut water.


One thing I will never stop doing is:

Travelling. Everything I work for is to plan for my next destination. I won't spend all my money on drinks or food; I try to live as simply as I can. I share a little apartment with my boyfriend - we try not to have too many bills. Pack my bags, go to a friend's country, and enjoy as much as I can.


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